Aircraft Tail Hangar Doors, Sealing Aircraft Tail Dock Doors

Aircraft tail doors are used in hangars when it is not economically feasible or practical to make the main doors full height. Normally, these doors are used when the facility is dedicated to one aircraft. vertical lift, rolling shutter (coiling) or jamb guide canopy are the normal choices for a tail door system. If the tail door slot width is small and less than forty percent of the main door (in the closed position) is being cantilevered into the tail opening then the natural choice is a rolling shutter (coiling) type door. However, if the tail slot width requires more than forty percent of the main door to cantilever into that area, a jamb guide canopy is used because it can structurally carry the top guides for the main doors.

Built originally for Pan American World Airways at Kennedy International Airport, this hangar features four bays; each 265'-0" wide and has 4 coupled Fleming slide doors controlled from cabs at each end of the train. Fleming canopy doors 80'-0" wide by 35'-0" high pass the high tails of B-747s. Vertical lift doors 21'-0" wide by 16'-0" high admit service vehicles.


Tramco Corporation's maintenance facility at Everett, Washington fills their 538'-0" wide by 50'-0" high door opening with 2 sets of 4-leaf and 2 sets of 5-leaf Fleming motor-operated full floating group hangar doors. Each group of doors is interconnected with a wrap-around cable system. The hangar door system also incorporates a 15'-0" wide by 20'-0" rolling shutter tail door.