Air Filter Doors and Air Plenum Doors

With today’s exotic paint systems and the ever increasing need to control corrosion special facilities are being constructed. Of critical importance is the need to supply clean fresh air over the object being painted or cleaned. Fleming manufactures a variety of custom designed plenum door systems. These doors can contain diffuser sheets and filters for the incoming air supply or can be as simple as a closure door when the air supply and exhaust is located elsewhere in the building. Our engineers will be happy to consult with you to determine the best system and solution for your facility.

Delta Airlines' award winning T.O.C. III paint hangar at Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport was designed by Rosser Fabrap International. This unique state-of-the-art facility features three hangar bays: Bay 10 has a clear opening of 233'-0" wide by 70'-0" high and Bay 11 has a clear opening of 147'-0" wide by 67'-0" high; each of these bays houses a 4-leaf individually motor-operated door system. Bay 12 features a 5-leaf individually motor-operated door system in a 177'-0" wide by 67'-0" high clear opening.


The state-of-the-art Low Observable Corrosion Resistant Facility (LOCRF) at Langley Air Force Base's new F-22 maintenance facilities features three bays. Two of the bays feature swing plenum doors and the third bay features a swing wash bay door. Shown above is one of the plenum bay doors which is a 67'-0" wide by 26'-0" (5-6' thick) 2-leaf swing door in the full close, partially and full open positions.