Ground Support Equipment Doors

In many facilities due to weather conditions or sensitive operations, it is important to provide ground support equipment access without the need to move the main doors. Vertical lift, rolling shutter or coiling, or swing doors can be used within the main doors. Proper planning is needed to ensure clearances and non-interference with the host door systems.

Built originally for Pan American World Airways at Kennedy International Airport, this hangar features four bays; each 265'-0" wide and has 4 coupled Fleming slide doors controlled from cabs at each end of the train. Fleming canopy doors 80'-0" wide by 35'-0" high pass the high tails of B-747s. Vertical lift doors 21'-0" wide by 16'-0" high admit service vehicles.


Mounted within each pair of braced arm canopy hangar doors at the Smithsonian Institution National Air & Space Museum is a 2-leaf 11'-4" wide by 16'-0" high manually-operated swing door system. This door system was added to the canopy doors so that there was minimal disturbance to the artifacts in the exhibit hall when new additions arrived at the museum.


American Stores' innovative corporate hangar in Salt Lake City was constructed by Continental Engineering Construction. This unique facility houses three different Fleming Series 100 doors. On the near side (shown) is an 85'-0" wide by 28'-0" high 3-leaf motor-operated unidirectional door system. On the far side is a 100'-0" wide by 28'-0" high 4-leaf motor-operated biparting door system. In between the slide doors is a 40'-0" wide by 16'-0" high 2-section motor-operated vertical lift door.


Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America's Midway Airport facility uses two Fleming motorized braced qrm canopy doors in a 145'-0" wide by 32'-6" high opening. A 10'-0" wide by 14'-0" high insulated rolling steel shutter door was also furnished in one canopy door to admit service vehicles.