Custom Engineered Acoustic Doors

Fleming produces a wide variety of steel, concrete and laminate construction Acoustic door systems. The doors can be swing or Sliding, manual or electrically operated, with acoustic ranges from FSTC51 through FSTC63. Our acoustic doors can be sized to any dimension and have a rating approximating FSTC63. Concrete mass provides the most effective means of sound reduction commercially available. The doors are particularly effective in reducing low spectrum sound.

ABC Studios - Stages 57 & 59 - Hollywood, California. Two pair of 14'-0" wide by 18'-0" high manually-operated FSTC51 swing doors. The doors are 4" thick and weight 4,000 pounds per leaf. The hinges are designed specifically to accommodate the leaf weight, providing for ease of manual operation.


The 18'-0" wide by 20'-0" high, 6" thick FSTC63 side sliding concrete acoustic door weighing approximately 40,000 pounds can be designed for either interior or exterior applications. The door system is independent of the building, allowing it to be considered as a replacement door for existing doors.


The AV-TAV-8B Hush House at N.A.S. Alemeda uses a 2-leaf electronically motor-operated Biparting door system 36'-0" wide by 36'-0 high. The door leaves are 11'-11" thick to accommodate the acoustical absorptive perforated baffles and turning vanes to provide laminar flow over the aircraft and their engines.