News and Current Projects

Marine Corps Air Station New River, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Two 74’-5” wide by 30’-0” openings filled with 2 coupled leaves for a 1-Leaf Individually Motor Operated door set-up.

Mente, L.L.C, Seattle, Washington. Two 260’-0” wide by 28’-0” high openings closed with 5-Leaf Full Floating Group Sliding Doors.

Jacksonville Jaguars EverBank Flex Field and Amphitheater, Jacksonville, Florida. One 60’-0” wide by 50’-0” high Single-Leaf Unidirectional Sliding Door and one 222’-0” wide by 50’-0” high opening with a 4-Leaf Anchored Group Biparting Sliding Door system.

Joint Base Andrews, Camp Springs, Maryland. Two 8-Leaf Biparting Sliding door systems to fit two 235’-0” by 36’-0” openings.

Air Canada, Toronto, Ontario. 488’-0” wide by 69’-0” high opening with a 6-Leaf Individually Motor Operated Sliding Door system with quadruple Fuselage Apertures for four different aircrafts.

American Airlines, Chicago, Illinois. Two 512’-0” wide by 70’-0” openings with two 4-Leaf Individually Motor Operated Sliding Door systems.

CHUBB Insurance Group, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A 5-Leaf Full Floating Group Sliding Door system to fill and opening measuring 220’-0” by 28’-0”.

Blue Origin, Cape Canaveral, Florida. Two sets of 3-Leaf Individually Motor Operated Sliding Doors to occupy two openings measuring 190’-0” by 90’-0”.

Jet Aviation, Teterboro, New Jersey. Contract Under Review.

The Raytheon Company, Andover, Massachusetts. Contract Under Review.