Vertical Lift Doors

Vertical Lift doors for manufacturing are preferred by people in production and maintenance - the people who know. Fleming doors withstand the most severe punishment. Steel mills, freight terminals, warehouses and industrial buildings commonly use Fleming’s Vertical Lift doors for fast dependable operation that lowers costs and increases production efficiency. Two styles - Inside Mounted and Outside Mounted - are available in multiple sections to fit available headroom. Where inside headroom is limited, the Outside Mounted type is ideal, requiring no alterations to existing framing, power and piping lines or fixed equipment. perfect counterbalance gives every Vertical Lift door a safe and smooth operation with either the manual operator, or the motor operator which lifts the door at (minimum) 45 vertical feet per minute. Special installation features include sash, personnel doors, insulation and louvers.

Fleming designed and installed the world's largest Outside Mounted Single Section motor-operated Vertical Lift door for Litton Industries, Erie, PA. It is 130'-0" wide by 56'-0" high and closes down on the decks of the mammoth Great Lakes ore boats. 56' high Mechanically Operated Single Swing doors close against the side of the ships. Petroff & Jones, Architects. Strobel & Rongved, Engineers.


U.S. Energy Research & Development Administration’s 5MW Solar Thermal test facility at Kirkland Air Force Base. The tower features a Fleming motorized 3-section Vertical Lift door 32'-0" wide by 55'-0" high.


Motorized Lift doors on a steel mill. 1-Section door 60'-0" wide by 21'-6" high docks 7 trucks at once. Railroad door 2-Section 17'-0" wide by 21'-0" high.