Unidirectional Slide Doors

Any number of leaves, all traveling to one side of the opening. Unidirectional leaves can be of the Anchored Group type in which the jamb leaf is anchored at the building jamb, thereby limiting movement to open and close.

The 18'-0" wide by 20'-0" high, 6" thick FSTC63 side sliding concrete acoustic door weighing approximately 40,000 pounds can be designed for either interior or exterior applications. The door system is independent of the building, allowing it to be considered as a replacement door for existing doors.


Multiple Slide Doors, 35' by 20' on a typical industrial building.


Monorail passage through two Single Slide Doors, each 12' wide by 30' high.


Electric Boat’s Trident Submarine Assembly facilities at Groton, Connecticut. Fleming provided doors for 5 different openings in this facility. Shown in the picture are two different door systems.

The opening on the left is 83'-9" wide by 54'-0" high and utilizes a Fleming motorized 3-leaf Unidirectional Door system. This door is unique in that it is operated over water, while being bottom supported at piers.

The right side opening is 84'-5" wide by 104'-8" high and is filled by an “L” shaped single leaf Unidirectional motor-operated door system.