Vertical Lift Doors

Vertical Lift doors for aviation are preferred by people in production and maintenance - the people who know. Fleming doors withstand the most severe punishment and are fast with dependable operation that lowers costs and increases production efficiency. Two styles - inside mounted and outside mounted - are available in multiple sections to fit available headroom. Where inside headroom is limited, the Outside Mounted type is ideal, requiring no alterations to existing framing, power and piping lines or fixed equipment.

Perfect counterbalance gives every Vertical Lift door a safe and smooth operation with either the manual operator, or the motor operator which lifts the door at (minimum) 45 vertical feet per minute. Special installation features include sash, personnel doors, insulation and louvers.

Boeing / McDonnel Douglas' Long Beach, California facility has three banks of 4-section motor-operated Vertical Lift doors 200'-0" wide by 45'-0" high. In the background is a sliding door system 350'-0" wide by 100'-0" high built for the Engineering Test and Evaluation facility.

NASA's shuttle assembly building at Vandenbert Air Force Base has a 128'-0" high clear door opening which is filled by a motor-operated Vertical Lift door system. This system consists of six leaves, each weighing 60,000 pounds. Special safety features were incorporated into the cable and counterweight design in accordance with a failure mode and effect analysis study.