Independent Slide Doors

With any number of self-powered leaves, these doors can move freely to any position in the opening without reference to the jambs (pockets) or any other door leaf.

US Airways' colorful line maintenance hangar at Philadelphia International Airport features a clear opening of 295'-0" wide by 66'-6" high and is filled by a 6-leaf individually motor-operated Series 500 door system.

American Airlines' wide body maintenance hangar at Alliance Airport is the largest cantilevered clear span hangar in the world. This mammoth facility features a door opening measuring 1,270'-0" wide by 73'-0" high.

Filling the opening is an 8-leaf individually motor-operated Fleming Series 500 door system. Mounted within four of the eight hangar door leaves are four (4) 12'-0" wide by 15'-0" high single section vertical lift (thresholdless) truck doors.

Pictured are four of the eight 160'-0" wide by 73'-0" high by 2'-0" thick individually motor-operated doors' leaves stacked behind each other and are powered by tandem Fleming electronic "soft start / soft stop" unit drive motor operators.

Delta Airlines' award-winning T.O.C. III paint hangar at Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport was designed by Rosser Fabrap International. This unique state-of-the-art facility features three hangar bays: Bay 10 has a clear opening of 233'-0" wide by 70'-0" high and Bay 11 has a clear opening of 147'-0" wide by 67'-0" high; each of these bays houses a 4-leaf individually motor-operated door system. Bay 12 features a 5-leaf individually motor-operated door system in a 177'-0" wide by 67'-0" high clear opening.

Korean Air's uniquely designed operation center at Kimpo International Airport in Seoul, Korea houses an 8-leaf individually motor-operated Fleming Series 500 door system for a 578'-0" wide by 83’-0” high clear opening. The doors are clad with a Lexan curtain wall system from 10'-0" A.F.F. elevation to within 4'-0" of the top and are designed for typhoon winds.

To service its large fleet of Regional Jets, Continental Express at Knoxville, Tennessee uses a Fleming 12-leaf individually motor-operated door system for a 360'-0" wide by 28'-0" high opening.