Floating Group Slide Doors

These doors have leaves that are connected to each other, but are not attached to the building in any way, and can open from either direction and moves as a group abreast of each other.

United Airlines' spacious maintenance hangar has two identical and opposite door openings 250'-0" wide by 71'-0" high. Each opening is filled by two (2) sets of outside mounted 3-leaf motor-operated Series 500 floating group hangar doors.

Tramco Corporation's maintenance facility at Everett, Washington fills their 538'-0" wide by 50'-0" high door opening with 2 sets of 4-leaf and 2 sets of 5-leaf Fleming motor-operated full floating group hangar doors. Each group of doors is interconnected with a wrap-around cable system. The hangar door system also incorporates a 15'-0" wide by 20'-0" Rolling Shutter Tail door.