Biparting Slide Doors

These doors have even numbers of leaves divided at the center, with half of the leaves opening to the right jamb and the other half to the left.

Rockwell International's corporate base hangar at Greater Pittsburgh International Airport is impressive with its tri-tone blue graphic stripes. Fleming's 6-leaf motor-operated biparting doors open the 141'-0" wide by 41'-6" high opening.

The unique 6-sided Air Force One Maintenance & Support Complex at Andrews Air Force Base was designed by Daniel, Mann, Johnson & Mendenhall of Washington, D.C.. Two Boeing 747-400 aircraft can be housed while simultaneously accommodating a third Presidential aircraft, all at 90° nose-to-nose angles. Each B-747 door opening is 248'-5" wide by 72'-1" high and uses a 6-leaf motor-operated anchored group biparting set of Fleming Series 500 hangar doors. The 120'-0" wide by 36'-1" high center opening is filled with a 4-leaf motor-operated biparting set of Fleming Series 100 hangar doors.

The space hangar at the Smithsonian Institution National Air & Space Museum at Dulles International Airport utilizes an outside mounted Fleming Series 500 6-leaf biparting door system for a clear opening 98'-6" wide by 40'-0" high. The tail slot was a special consideration, since the shuttle will rarely be moved. A removable bolt-in platform carries the top guides for the slide door, rather than a motorized tail door system.