Jamb-Guided Canopy Doors

These doors are generally used for aircraft tail doors above a slide door system. For openings up to 50' wide by 40' high. Jamb-Guided Canopy Doors are single piece doors guided by curved tracks and rollers at the jambs. Ideal for many types of roofs. Jamb Guided Canopy Doors require minimum structural support and headroom requirements. Fleming will locate motor operators at jambs, overhead or at floor level for easy servicing.

China Airlines' Main Overhaul Base at Chung Tseng International Airport in Taiwan was designed jointly by CEDI and Burns & McDonnel. There are two side-by-side motor-operated Biparting Hangar Door Systems for two openings 230'-0" wide by 30'-0" high motor-operated Canopy Tail Doors. The doors and operating hardware were designed to withstand 121PSF typhoon wind loads.