Braced Arm Canopy Doors

For openings of any width and up to 80' high. The use of one or more independent horizontal sections side by side makes the Braced Arm Canopy Door ideal for any width opening. Each section is an average of between 60' and 80' wide, and may be operated independently or in combination. The bracing system distributes wind loads into the building framework, guiding door movements without a need for jamb or side guides.

Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America's Midway Airport facility uses two Fleming Motorized Braced Arm Canopy Doors in a 145'-0" wide by 32'-6" high opening. A 10'-0" wide by 14'-0" high insulated rolling steel shutter door was also furnished in one Canopy Door to admit service vehicles.


The Main Exhibit Hall of the Smithsonian's Udvar-Hazy Center uses two 74'-0" wide by 40'-0" high Fleming Series 500 Braced Arm Canopy Hangar Doors side by side in both the North and South faces of the building.


This photograph shows the interior of the Braced Arm Canopy hangar doors in the main exhibit hall of the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum. The top guide tracks and braced / radius arms are clearly visible. Additionally, the manually-operated Truck Swing Doors can be easily seen in the right hand leaf.

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